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Re: H2O2 Food Grade 12% Dosage Amounts? by OxygenLynne ..... Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy Forum

Date:   6/7/2016 2:51:03 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I can help you.

When using 35% FGHP, you are correct in starting with 3 drops, therefore when using 12%, you want to multiply that amount by 3 and take 9 drops on the first day.

But because you are having problems adjusting to the taste, I would advise that you maintain your 2 drops of 12% until you become more adjusted to the taste. Even if it takes a week, you should remain at your comfort level because it is so important to simply get started.

Also your exhaustion and inability to sleep are just 2 of the positive side effects when beginning oxygen therapy.

The exhaustion you are experiencing is a result of the oxygen working to kill off bacteria and parasites within your body. They may have been living inside you for decades and they do not like being rousted from their happy home. The exhaustion will pass and when it does be prepared to experience a life with more energy than you've had for years.

It happened for me and thousands of others and it will happen for you too.

I have included my 5 Protocols of Oxygen Therapy below. They are all necessary and should be followed as closely as you can.


1. ALWAYS dose on a completely empty stomach. Completely empty means you have not eaten or taken any medicines in the last 3 hours.

2. ALWAYS keep doses at least 3 hours or more apart.

3. ALWAYS try not to dose too close to bedtime. The oxygen has been known to keep some people awake.

4. ALWAYS wait 15 minutes after dosing before eating, drinking anything or taking any medications.

This includes even an aspirin. The normal mixture of H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) and water remain in your stomach about the same times as any regular water that you drink, about 15 minutes. So if you have a slow metabolism, you may want to wait and extra 5 minutes.

5. ALWAYS wait 3 hours after eating or taking any medications before dosing.

This includes drinking juices with Vitamin C and/or pulpy juices. Please avoid taking your dose when you have any food or 'foodstuffs' in your stomach because the H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) will react with that food and never make it to your bloodstream where your body can deliver it to badly needed areas of your body. Again, if you know that you have a slow metabolism, you may want to wait an additional 30 minutes.

Let me know if I can be of any additional help.


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