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Re: Internal Castor oil 2x a week safe?? by illys / elisah ..... Castor Oil Remedies Forum

Date:   7/6/2016 12:26:09 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Are you getting any resistant starch in your diet?
Butyrate from the digestion of resistant fibers keeps the bowl moving.

Chelation can easily bring the gut to a stop. The healthy halides are needed to help occupy the now vacant spots in the body.
The sodium-iodide transporters in the CNS need it especially, but transdermal is the way to go, gently!

The healthy halides are potassium iodide, chelated (amino-acid bound) boron, sodium chloride (sea or Himalaya salt).

Low amino acid status can also hurt. Bone broth requires a lot of proleotic or digestive enzymes to make sure it doesn't give Candida overgrowth, but the glutamine rally helps heal!

I know Cutler warns against iodine, but there is a question of balance in all things. KeLp or bladderwrack may be the best path.

coffee enemas stopped benefiting me too, either it's some now happy and fat liver flukes, or too much attempts to flush the liver who's too weak on cholesterol to properly produce bile. Mercury and it's co-horts hijack the ability to produce the body's interval vitamin C cycle (glucouridation) and the urea cycle.

I'm finding dandelion root powder (1tblsp in a cold drink) to be very good liver and kidney support.

Iodine can start an EMOTIONAL detox. Don't start immediately with internal supplementation! That kicks mercury straight into the bloodstream! Sweat all out what you can instead of all through the kidneys. The kidneys especially can complain with emotional negativity. Liver and gallbladder with anger and battlecries, pancreas with despair and low self worth, guys with lite energy and soft tears, stomach with hyperactivity on sugars.

The opposites are quite true, so emotions are a GOOD measuring stick at points.


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