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Re: Die off or something else? by rossyarch ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   7/17/2016 11:44:13 AM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hey Optomistic thanks for checking in! I'll try and cram everything in so it'll be quite a long post.

In the morning I;
- juice about 2 inches of ginger with a whole lemon and drink it straight with a couple gloves of garlic (every couple of days)
- eat a tablespoon worth of Colostrum powder
- take 1x desiccated beef liver supplement along with 1x Elite Liver natural liver support (for detoxification)
- a tablespoon of omega 3 fish oil

-My first drink of water will include a scoop of L-Glutamine powder and I will also dissolve a pinch of fresh Himalayan Sea Salt on my tongue to aid with adrenal function.

-For breakfast I will drink about a print worth of fresh milk kefir too

In the afternoon I usually snack on something small like almond nuts or Celery sticks. Sometimes I will cook my main meal early and eat bits of it throughout the day.

At dinner I;
- take Klaire Labs Interfase Plus enzyme supplements (usually before and after eating)
- 1x natural multivitamin
- Doctors Best Magnesium
- another spoon of omega 3 fish oil (high in EDA and DHA)
- ashwagandha or rhodiola rosea herbal supplement
- biotin
- Kelp (iodine source)
- chlorophyll
- and sometimes I will take another Elite Liver supplement

My dinner will usually consist of some form of fresh steamed veg (mainly broccoli, cauliflower or courgette/zuccini) with a bit of chicken or buckwheat pasta. I'll season foods with garlic etc.

Throughout the day I will also take medicinal charcoal which I've heard is good for pulling toxins from the body. I also drink plenty of water.

And finally in the evening I will drink more kefir!

I'm probably missing a couple points. One thing that I should mention is that recently I ran out of rhodiola and chlorophyll so I haven't been taking that this past week.

In terms of how I'm feeling;

I am doing slighttttly better since we last spoke. I still feel a bit faced out/disassociated from my surroundings however, and my energy levels are quite a way off from an optimal level. It's manageable though!

I have noticed teeth indents on the side of my tongue which are more prominent when waking up. I saw someone mention that this could relate to a hypothyroid issue? I was tested for hypothyroidism a year back and the results came back negative so I'm not sure if the teeth marks imply something.

Let me know your thoughts!


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