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Re: Internal Castor oil 2x a week safe?? by Optimistik ..... Castor Oil Remedies Forum

Date:   7/18/2016 2:41:50 PM ( 7 years ago ago)
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Hello Blackfox!

I am sorry to hear of your plight. I don't know how you bear it but I hope that with time and the right knowledge you will be able to live a long and fruitful life!

I have absolutely no prior knowledge of this condition and no idea from personal experience what may help.

However, after looking around on the net, I found a couple stories that may yet give you some hope!

First story is not a cure, but a method to become regular (w/link)

"I had been struggling for the past year with a large intestine that had no movement. The small intestine and rectum worked, but everything in between felt completely dead. I have always struggled with constipation, but this was different. Despite feeling constantly bloated, I never had any sensation to fully evacuate. When I finally went to see a GI, he told me the name for the condition is colonic inertia, and that "he has no magic bullet for me." He said, if I wanted to, I could try the expensive new medicine or try eating an apple every day (bad advice - more fiber is NOT good for the condition). I was dismayed at how callously this doctor could completely dismiss my quality of life without so much as a sympathetic word.

But I have proved this ignorant doctor wrong and I want to shout it from the rooftops! My first step was learning on this forum about Natural Calm magnesium powder. Natural calm keeps everything soft but didn't make the intestine move. But then my husband (who eats tons of spicy food and has an awesome system) suggested I try cayenne capsules. He saved my life! Immediately after I added cayenne capsules, I became more regular than I have ever been. The cayenne stimulates peristalsis of the large intestine, and without any of the side effects of laxatives. I feel like a normal human being again! I don't think it's actually changing the condition - if I don't take it one day, I don't go. But when I take two capsules every evening with my Natural Calm, I go every morning without fail. How can such a miracle supplement be completely ignored by the medical community??? Has anyone else tried cayenne?"

In the comments, she goes on to mention:

"Sorry, I should have specified the duration of my results. I've been taking the cayenne and Natural Calm for two months now, with extraordinarily consistent bowel movements. I've never in my life been every day regular and I am now! With the final touch of a cup of coffee in the morning I'm right as rain every day. (Coffee by itself did nothing for me before, but now it seems to give that final nudge.) The movement is not as strong as what I remember from my normal days, but with the very soft stool from the magnesium, it's enough! The brand of Cayenne that I take is Nature's Way Capsicool capsules. They claim to be stomach gentle, and I don't have any discomfort from them at all, but if you have any stomach issues, I would be cautious to see how they affect you.

(Different comment) I take way more than 1/2 teaspoon of Natural Calm. Maybe you got a different variety than me - I use the Raspberry Lemon kind, which has a stated serving size of 2 rounded teaspoons. But I take about double that - it ends up being almost 200% DV of magnesium daily - about 4 rounded teaspoons. (I weigh about 110 pounds, I don't know if that makes any difference.) I'm sure the amounts would need tweaking based on your own body and system. Also, I don't think this method would work to clean out the system. I started it just after having a terrible stomach flu, so my bowels were totally empty to start. The bottle directs you to increase little by little until the stool is too runny, then scale it back a bit. If you only have a short time to check it out, I would take at least double the recommended serving. You could increase the amount of cayenne too, but be careful it doesn't irritate your stomach.

Here's the principal: Cayenne stimulates peristalsis, and the magnesium causes loose stools as the body sheds the excess. I am not a scientific trial in a single human being; I'm just one case study. All I know is that I had essentially no natural bowel movement for about six months, and these two supplements restore (on a daily basis!) that natural sensation to my system. I haven't changed anything else about my diet or supplements. I am not a great advocate of homeopathic remadies - when I am ailing, I just want what works! I know this works for me, so there must be others it would work for too. Lizness is expensive; I don't have insurance and can't afford it. But if it works well for you and if your insurance covers it, why mess with a good thing?

Budlongpal, I really hope it works for you, but if it doesn't, I hope others will still try it."

I believe that both cayenne and coffee would be safe to your gut flora, although I am not 100%. I actually think cayenne might be beneficial to it. I know you said not to recommend magnesium, but maybe the extremely large doses she uses are synergistic with the cayenne and coffee?

Second story (w/link)

"Hi Viks,

First of all, welcome to the forum. Second of all, Nielk has given you some very good advice as far as I'm concerned. DO NOT HAVE THIS SURGERY!!!!!!!!!

I've also had a lot of GI tract problems, often severe. For years when I was even more chemically sensitive than I am now, any kind of environmental exposure could completely eviscerate my peristalsis function (as in total paralysis). This could last for days, and sometimes weeks. And when it did start to come back on line, it was very sluggish and inefficient.

Obviously, this is a dangerous situation. But I sought out natural remedies, and have found a variety of gentle, supportive therapies that has allowed me to essentially keep my GI health in reasonably good shape. This included daily coffee enemas for a number of years, and these days I do aloe vera daily retention enemas. I also drink kefir daily and do a number of other things. And my colon health is far better than it was 20 years ago.

I always look forward to the day when my health improves, and I do not require these kinds of therapies. But in the mean time, they work, and they are far less of a burden in my daily life than if I were to have had surgical intervention. Surgeons do what they do best; surgery. They're generally unaware of alternative therapies that can alleviate the need for such a radical approach.

I would strongly urge you to explore the many different options that are available to you before giving serious consideration to having this surgery done. You've not written anything which makes me think this is an urgent emergency situation. Also, the amino acid l-gluatamine can do wonders for some of the most intractable GI problems. So much to explore and experiment with. All the best in whatever you decide to do.


ETA I notice you say you're tired of stomach problems. Just want to mention that having this kind of surgery could very well add to the problems you're experiencing. And once it's done, there's no going back. It just seems so advisable to try other things first."

I realize in the second story he mentions CE's and you already stated those are something that worry you because of the inflammation. Maybe the aloe vera retention will keep any inflammation from occurring after? Maybe one of these remedies could show some positive results!!! I know many people who are doing bowel flushes swear by cayenne pepper and probiotics like kefir. I wish you all the best and pray for your speedy and full healing from the mercury and even your colonic inertia!


PS-Apparently, some people who suffer from candida and other gut issues also like to take kefir/probiotics and add them to a suppository to be retained overnight to help establish and nurture the beneficial bacteria.


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