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Re: taking a poll, does iodine loosen frozen nuts? by Elaelbasan ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   7/19/2016 3:07:10 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Dear Friend :-)
Hope you are fine .
Another member told me about your kindness of helping people here on thyroid problem info .
We were talking about how chlorine detergent destroies the thyroid .
Here is my experience .
I would be very greatful if you support me with more info .
I am now on 100 mg Iodine . I increased the dosage because I think I have been poisoned by chlorine during all these 7-8 years , using it mainly for bathroom cleaning but allso floor cleaning .
Here is my story

I dont know from where to begin :-)
Iam 34. There was about 3 years ago that I was feeling I was imprisoned Inside my body . I have had a very elegant and slim body , beautiful nails , toned skin , . Sharp mind , fast speach ect
I was gaining weight , ( you know that kind of fat as you are pregnant ) , my breast was so painfull I couldnt touch all the time , was so tired , lethargy , no emotions ( my birthday was a boring day for me ) , dificult to speak fluently .
My face was puffy , my eyes too,I was not me anymore , I was losing my features , I always had expresive Blu eyes , but now those were lifeless . my hands were swollen I culdnt pick the skin , my feet too , my heels were severly cracked , my nails of feet were so fragile and they grew so slowly .the hair was in bad shape , coarse thin and hairline was not full. Chin hair devastaded me , duble chin also . Eyebrowes was thinning year after year .

I felt It was age going on , i was getting old . Everyone would laugh at me saying this , but The sypmtoms were so slowly apeared that I had no other explanation.

I was cured for hypothyroid at age 14-15 if I remember well , took 3 month a drug and never thought it had to do with this situation . My mother has suffered from thyroid too , she did a surgery 7 years ogo .

Last summer i was devastating with weight gain , no dress would fit anymore . I was eating normally ?!???!

I had a dinner with my friends and took some photo , while looking the photos I noticed a small goitter at my neck . I have not detected it while looking at mirror .

Omg , I thought what is this , the thyroid problem returned . But i did not related all the other symtomps with the goiter .
instinctively I inhaled from a betadine bottle , than I paint my arms , a lot . I thought it could help .

My body had thanked me that night , it was hungry of Iodine .
2 days after that I want on vacations on beach . And when come back from beach my husband told me I had lost weight , i looked less swollen . I felt it too .

I did a search about hypothyroid symtoms and what to see , 90% of those were in my body . OMG I WAS SHOCKED .
I have been ill all these years without knowing . I felt so ignorant . My weight was due estrogen dominance , because if no Iodine , the estrogen levels rise. They are antagonist. I have FBD BREAST TOO . told me for a surgery but I did not accepted . Hope Iodine will shrink it .

I tried to find thecouses what disturbed the thyroid that way
1. In the first case 14 years old is the year when my ovaries started the activity , thyroid breast and ovaries compete for iodine , so ovaries took the iodine for her hormones leaving the thyroid without it .
2. The second case I think the main reason is I was touching chlorine with nake hands and feet because once in 2 month I would clean all my house with chlorine , ( chlorine desplace iodine from body )
Actually I was killing my self . It was so strong and I used
undiluited .
Maybe are some reasons together .
I had a very depresing period with my marriage , (Stress is bad for all body ) drank a lot of olcohol . Drunk from tap water that is chlorinated .
Recently I descovered that antiperspirants has aluminum that acts as estrogen in body , ( you know iodine and estrogen are antagonist ) i stoped and using it and now use simply lemon , it is perfect natural way .

But I am secure IT WAS CHLORINE THAT WAS KILLING ME . And every other strong detergent I used .

I am recovering know . I bought Lugols painted my armes for some months , because I was a bit afraid to drink it , but now I am at 100 mg iodine , do salt puch everyday , eat a lot sunflower seed rich in selenium and magnezium .

I am feeling like my self finally,
I have more energy , speak fluently . I feel I can think and concentrate better .My eyebroews are filling , my face and eyes are not puffy . Oh and my hairline is perfect , the hair in my back of neck is not fuzzy , but new hair is going like crazy , it a bunch of new hair so full but shorter than other hair , because it is new , it looks as I have cut those :-)
My heels are heeling better , my nails are so strong , i now cut the feet nails every 2 weeks . My skin looks so toned .
I am loosing fat , I am looking my collar bone after so many time . My brest is not swollen , it is soft and painless .
I am in life again

Warm hugs
Ela :-)

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