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Adrenal fatigue what I've learned and this is one crazy thing by Robert14 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   9/28/2016 7:35:25 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I've decided to join curezone to maybe help others and also receive help I've been dealing with adrenal issues for 8months and regular doctors are useless I had to lie and overreact just to get certain tests and some paid out of pocket online and maybe more but I've dealt with these symptoms

Heart palpitations
Low bp at times not so bad now
Over reactive stress response
Pots syndrome (gone)
Palm of hands look weird blood pooling
Cold intolerance veins in palms show more

Diagnosed so far with

Low vitamin d
Elevated cortisol

I'm currently taking

Superstress b complex with vitamin c
Vitamin d &magnesium (vitamin d tested at 26)
Ashwaganda herb
Renew life probotics and drinking kefer

Tests I think need done my opinion after research

Magnesium rbc (currently waiting on result)

I feel when it comes to adrenals b vitamins especially b5 n b6 are important as well as vitamin c and magnesium and herbs most popular one is ashwaganda and I think a good probotic I'm assuming the cause of my adrenals well still on the path of figuring I believe my mother passing away had a lot to do with it two weeks after I got real sick with steep throat and since then its been a long road it came down to just stress from loved one passing or some type of digestive issue bacteria overgrowth maybe only because my stools r not as dark since this all happened or it was the infected root canal I had recently removed because I wanted to eliminate all causes so I did that and started taking probotics and trying to get to a g.I specialist soon because I don't know if adrenal fatigue is causing certain things or certain things causing adrenal issues its confusing for sure especially my lighter colored stools it would seem my digestion is not good debating if this is from the adrenal doing this or back months ago when it started did those Antibiotics from begin sick mess up my flora this is just a wild battle without good doctors trying to put puzzle together on my own internet is great info n help

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