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Re: Here's link to Jim Humble protocol to kill parasites and pathogens. by vairagi ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   10/5/2016 4:42:45 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Griz, I think you're off on this one. There's far more evidence that Chlorine Dioxide(activated Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ), is just another Oxidizer with about the same (just a few tenths higher than AG+, on a scale of 3 or so) oxidizing power than AG+. I like Wikipedia but remember its just people posting the information(and people on unedited Health Forums are often ignorant and immature, overly dramatic and driven by paranoid styles of fear), so we always need to be sure of what's presented before repeating it as actual fact.

Chlorine Dioxide is the worlds most commonly used water purifier, considered safe by the EPA, OKed for food preservation and cleaning by the FDA, and many on CZ have attested to its beneficial power, with the main complaint being it's taste and it's power to cause nausea or intestinal distress(both a sign of cleansing).

Saying its a bleech is missleading and disparaging as a ploy to be distracting and not actually realistic.

ACV, in that case, is also a bleach, as is UV light, or plain lemon juice or H2O2(which it most closely cousins to, but both and all these substances are still regular oxidizers w different power levels). AG+ is only different cause it's a bit less powerful and it has little taste to speak of(tho you know about the AMA's work to radicalize the public and professionals against it using the same horrific styled language).

You know people have said and reported numerous dramatic and frightening similarities about Iodine and CS on the web, but the experience of others and the Science behind these substances convolutes those claims. (lawsuits as evidence-please)

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