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Re: No GI issues, skin only... by mattk3 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   11/1/2016 6:45:45 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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If you have a red worm that attacks only skin, and there are several species, it is possible that FenBen has hit them.

There are red and white worms, and the meds that address them appears to be different. Of the people I correspond with, the FenBen results were so amazing, and the comments so positive, it was completely out of place with the usual ... it did something....

FenBen created reactions that ranged from nothing, or something, to many many many people saying after years, decades, or several decades, they finally had hope.

Many I correspond with are going dormant, their situation is so improved, I am moving people into the keep me in the loop, but I'm doing fine.

Likewise, the reaction to papain, natural piperazine, Beta Glucan, is astounding. Lyme suffers, H Pylori suffers, and other parasite co-infected people report dramatic improvement in weeks.

All the pieces are not yet in place, but these meds seam to be changing long standing infections onto the path of recovery.

Let me say it another way.
Some weeks ago I would get 200 emails a day from four dozen folks.

Today I got 2.

When people are in pain they reach out. Even I worked every minute to make it stop.

Once it does stop, there is re-engaging life. As strange as it sounds my biggest problem is the realization that after four years of hell, I need to get a life. Almost scary is the challenge to get re-connected, and re-engauged in my life.

I still have cysts, and will need to finish them off, but these meds can change your life.

I do not know what you have, I do not know if you tested for Strongyloides, or any of the other red worm species, but if it works, try a few of the other things people say are game changers.

I still think your doctors may have been right with the insect origin, but it is also quite possible they missed something.

FenBen is the most amazing med I tried, and now fully integrated into a plan, I have started to back down the dose after 60 days. Words like Miracle, and Life-changing do not seem to express enough.

If you react to FenBen think it was a co-infection, try supporting it with Invermectin, Papain, nPPZ Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 12:1 extract, and Beta Glucan.

All of these nitrogen parasites tend to make the other infection worse.

Maybe if you identify or get rid of any round red worm infection, you other infection will respond as it should.


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