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Re: Does anyone have any opinions or comments regarding this? by #215064 ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   12/10/2016 5:54:40 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I just joined this forum & have no expertise, only personal experience. I suffer oddly in winter & this year it is different than last year. The pictures you show do look like they fit in with my experience with Morgellon's. I suffer in silence & I am an active wife, mother & grandma. I wanted to write to you because suffering alone is hard. My experience started 4 year's ago. It affected me & only me, not my husband, son, daughter, or my daughter's children & I cared for all of them at that time. At first, it got in our clothes & my husband noticed my increased interest in our clothing. I tried to show him the odd, mostly black fibers that were demolishing certain clothing items, but he did not want to be bothered. I thought a thousand times about the cause & took to Google. I ran across Morgellon's, dismissed the notion for awhile. Unfortunately, I started to feel odd, very annoying sensations & itching. I would ask my daughter, who has better eye's than I, to look at my skin. I would point to very specific spots on my body & she would say "yes, it looks like a hair or something." It got to the point that I spent so much time, because I was so bothered, due to the skin sensations, strange fiber's & irritations that I became gloomy & was withdrawn. I again searched Google for an answer & again Morgellon's came up. Until this year, I had these fiber's & annoying skin sensations on my body & not above my shoulders. Then sadly, this year, because my eye's have gotten worse I started using a small, magnified mirror to put my makeup on & as I put my makeup on I found what looked like fiber's & the fibers were just beneath the top layer of my skin, on my cheek & further down I found black specks on my neck. Oddly enough, I have not had any skin sensations this year. My heart sunk when I saw the fiber's under my skin. I told myself I was not going to let it bother me again this year & that I would not expend so much time & energy on this crap, but honestly "what the heck is this crap?"
I have wondered about clothing fibers, can they can get get in our pores? I pulled what appeared to be minute, black, pieces of cut hair out of my neck & I have never had any black hair, anywhere on my body. I also have 2 fingernails that have been demolished by it, atleast I think M destroyed them, because my nail have too many fiber's & speck's. My husband uses a magnifying tool in his trade & so I have spent much time examining these odd fibers, specks, skin afflictions.
I don't think I suffer as much as many, but it is upsetting nonetheless & when I read that Morgellon's has not been widely accepted & that a doctor could decide I am a complete nut, I'd rather stay home & not talk about it.
I am confused why so many do not recognize it? It is real & too many people suffer greatly. I do worry about some of the comments I read for mixed reason's. I worry because some people sound absolutely unbelievable & their symptoms are quite sci-fi sounding. But then I realize that I too must sound a bit far fetched & I really worry my experience could get worse if theirs is an example of worsening symptoms.
I just hope you can fight the panic & concern you may be feeling.
I hope we can get answers & help to fix this. There are brilliant people out there who might be suffering & or are researching answers for this stuff. I personally have no interest in trying unsafe chemicals on my skin & I would never recommend you try anything not meant for human use. I do think cleasing our bodies, using essential oils & drinking good water is good for many thing's that ail us. Hang in there, know you are not alone & know you have nothing to be ashamed of. We certainly couldn't have made all this up, we definitely didn't hope for this. My best to you & let's hope they find a cure. Be well!

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