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I can help by bookofsteven ..... Parasites: Skin Support

Date:   12/14/2016 4:37:54 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Hi, I would suggest you read my posts. I can help but you need to listen and follow instructions. So many claim they have a fix or cure. The only way is removal and it is a huge job! Beyond belief! I'm just repeating myself by stating, everyone has morgellons!! If you are showing all the signs and symptoms it your body's reaction to being over contaminated and your body is trying to fight back. This is why your body is freaking out and going through crazy signs and symptoms.
People, all people, need to use my protocol to clean themselves. If not you will just continue to be assimilated by morgellons and its ongoing and daily invasion of your body!
This is very nasty stuff to fight. You can't believe it or fight it until you realize how over contaminated we are. Once you see the removal process happen. Only then will you get it if you don't run in horror of disbelief!
Everyone should be cleansing their body of morgellons particulates. If not you will eventually develop what we deal with. If we could only see what we have and are becoming with this horrible condition.
Sounds like your condition is very good tough.
Here is my suggestion for starting to get better.
Remembering be calm, patient and persistent. This is a process of removal, just as it took your life of exposure, removal takes time.
I promise you will see and feel amazing results, even though it is like moving a mountain of sand with a pair of chop sticks!
Use a big bottle of apple cider vinegar in a sink of warm water. Soak your head/scalp in this stuff for as long as you can. Try to get a good 10-15 minutes of soaking and massage your scalp.
This will get rid of a lot of crap in your hair.
Have a warm shower and get a borax solution on your body, important to not wash solution off. Let it sit on your skin and use finger pressure to rub your skin. You will start to notice grit and sand coming out of your skin and pores. Tons of it will come out. It takes time to remove it all. It will seem like it just keeps pouring out of your skin. You will see how washing off the borax solution makes the grit and sand stop coming out. When you add more borax solution to your skin, here comes the grit and sand again. Every inch of your skin produces grit and sand. Lesions and dark spots especially. Once you start your own personal experience will guide you. I'm always checking in to cure zone to answer any questions you will have.
Also very important, go buy a magnetic bracelet, maybe 2. Wear them always, don't take off. Walmart has nice ones about 25$ and have several magnets, like a watch strap, with links. Sleep, shower, try to always wear one or two.
Also try to drink baking soda. 2-3 teaspoon a day. I make a container and try to drink it though the course of the day.
Try to eat properly and get rest. Take a multi vitamins every other day.
Your body will do the rest once you start kicking this nasty stuff out of your body.
I believe my book helps outline so much of this diabolical condition. I would be happy to mail anyone a free copy if they can't buy one online.
Book of Steven
Author: Petersen
We can win this fight and have baby soft and clean skin again!
Praise God for this message and pray for Jesus quick return. Amen

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