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Re: Severe abdominal pain after coffee enema - please advise! by aerowallah ..... Coffee Enema

Date:   1/2/2017 3:03:42 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Gosh, we've all got to feel our way, every body being different. But good technique is key.

Right side only, right? 1 quart RO or distilled water, I don't know how clean your water is. I would start with a level tsp and work up to 2 tbsps tops! I do two back to back, because some say one alone is largely a bowel flush. There is some question about toxins that keep releasing and that may induce stress response afterwards and have to be reabsorbed. Hence two. Also, many help their CEs and toxins liberated with a little diatomaceous earth (esp. if parasites are present) or chlorella. Keeping hydrated is important, and I add TraceMinerals electrolytes to drinking water afterwards, though electrolyte loss is supposed to be minimal if you do it on the right side and keep to 1 qt.

If your technique is good you may just be stirring things up. Lastly, you're not supposed to do it on an empty stomach.

I set out to do daily for two years and it has really helped my healing from CFS. But there were a few wrinkles at the outset. But gut dysbiosis and ulcers may mean you have some primary healing to do before you try CEs. Diatomaceous earth is a wonderful cleanser and fairly gentle, again, something I would start on immediately if I had parasites, even if you give the CEs a rest for awhile. Rgds

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