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Re: Another vicitm by Gdizzle ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   1/3/2017 4:38:27 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hey John,

I'm sorry to hear of your struggles with EC.

I have a condition fairly similar to yours and have been battling it for over 3 years now.

A lot of people on this forum are looking for the 'miracle cream or cure' for this illness but i'm sorry to say for most of us that just dosen't cut it.

If your really truly want to beat this you have to make some lifestyle changes from: eating, sleeping, exercise, daily sunlight, no alcohol/smoking.

E.C seems to be caused by internal problems such as Candida infections or other fungal/viral infections in your internal organs. Its seems very unlikely that the cause is simply a lip allergy or infection, the problem is usually much deeper rooted.

One thing i would strongly suggest is to make super smoothies or pancakes in the morning.

Im taking - chia seeds, Golden Flax, LSA Nut Mix, Acai berries, Goji Berries, Natural greek Yogart, Manuka honey, Spinach, Avocado, eggs, cinnamon, strawberries, coconut oil.

i Also did a colon flush ( 2 separate days/4 days apart) at the start before my diet/cleanse/exercise using Oxy power.

I've made more progress in the last 3 months of this regime than the entire previous 3 years. My lips are damn near healed and i barely even get the white marks from water anymore.

Whatever the cause, if u only give your body good nutritious shit and remove all the unnatural sugars and toxins, your giving you body the best possible chance to be free of this f***ing illness.

Everyday i think towards the future and a life without E.C
Everyday i feel positive and energised because i'm finally taking action against this motherf***er.

Dnt let it take anymore of your life away than it already has. i know all too well the feeling of just waiting and waiting for them to heal, trying every lip solve, cream, ointment under the sun. None of it did shit rather than mediate the problems.

You have to fight it with you body.

Hope this helps,

All the best

the coconut oil is great (anti fungal properties) and the aquaphor

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