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Root canal removal still fatigued lol smh help by Robert14 ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   1/29/2017 9:55:19 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Lemme get this straight so I have adrenal fatigue something is causing a immune response and I have no diarrhea or Constipation or bloating that people with gut issues have its like a silent infection I suspected infected root canal so I had one removed that had been there for years problem is yes I felt a dramatic surge of energy but only 70% better since believe me while that tooth was in I felt like 20% life ..I'm still not 100% normal still fatigued n all I switched to mostly real meat more veggies and fruit diet and lots of immune boosting like grapefruit extract Vitamin d zinc picolinate ashwaganda and I eat coconut oil ...truth is do I need to go to a biological dentist natural and are yall saying the regular dentist didn't get all the infection or what ugh does oil pulling help or is only way biological dentist I'm was gonna order a hair mineral test limited on money I wanna make right moves I was low Vitamin d back then too so something is wearing my immune system and there's no pain or signs or anything abnormal besides adrenal fatigue which leads me to think it's mouth related I will try probotics too soon idk I only have one mercury filling I doubt this is causing much of this


Heart palpitations (takin magnesium chloride liquid helping)

Palm of Hands when cold I see my veins very prominent (I think adrenal or sodium issue ) and palm of Hands blocky when hot

Fatigue better with sodium

Muscle twitches (I think electrolyte related )

That's it really just adrenal issues nothing else I can think of sometime chest discomfort left side chest too many ekgs and chest x rays waste of time doctors think I'm crazy

Bubbly urine sometimes (think sodium)
Salt wasting syndrome

Over reactive adrenaline when I jump up quick

Tests months back (elevated cortisol and low d levels )


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