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Re: white supremacists hate zionists too? by trapper/kcmo ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   1/30/2017 10:47:43 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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oh my god. i am operating on a whole different level, which includes not speaking for others, just myself.

you see, i am actually following the lord, not pretending. my thoughts are always inclined toward him, save those fleshly things that make us all sinners.

what is the character of god? that is my goal. one of his characteristics is he shows no bias whatsoever, for or against. this is one of the ways in which man can think a thing is holy and god sees it as an abomination. to join with someone means you join in their sins. to oppose someone makes you a satan, pure and simple. self righteous people do this constantly. it is how, as the scripture says, those who end up killing the lords people will think they are doing god service. they are not god, the rightful owner of all vengeance, they are evil deluded humans thinking they have it figured out yet having literally no idea what they are doing.

so i am neither for nor against trump, pubs, dems, americans, israelis, mexicans, blacks, you, me, my next door neighbor, etc, etc. none of these entities matter squat to me compared to the truth and the will of the creator.

people think that my words connote hate at times. no, i am deliberate and loving. the truth seems hateful to liars and to anyone who seeks the darkness because their deeds are evil and they know it.

you said "white supremacists... are fighting for economic justice for poor whites". i have never heard that one but then i dont run in those circles. i have chosen to keep my early programming on race and cultures and religions, etc, and i feel no ill will to any man for those things. its behaviour i look at and am opposed to harming innocents.

any other questions? i have bible verses if you need them but i suggest reading the scriptures all the way through enough so that you have them at your disposal at all times. plus the holy spirit helps bring gods word to mind.

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