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preparing to go to cavitation expert tired of being tiredfatigued by Robert14 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   1/31/2017 1:05:23 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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unfortunately since i moved to texas i am no place near a biological dentist so i have to go 4 hrs away to san antonio i called them and they know all about what i told them that it might be cavitation/ root canal causing my adrenal issues the dentist is also nutritionist i hope and think this is my root cause....i had my root canal tooth extracted by a regular dentist i was relieved of much fatigue but not pefect id say 70 it leads me to believe this is the root cause other two theorys were traveling to mexico twice...i think treating adrenal issues u must treat all the potential threats....i think i need to go to a real dentist....and also do a parasite cleanse....and also a hair mineral test incase of any metal overload that is my plan im limited on cash but tax refund might be the only thing saving me smh i dont work enough hours to throw lots of money but i know health is serious so i will do what i can this problem has been goin on for a year now one day i was fine and BAMM i got sicker than i ever been in my life...strep throat swollen lymph nodes and from that day its been adrenal isues low sodium n etc i changed my diet i feel somewhat better something is wearing down my immune system the low vitamin d told me that months ago i use to feel worse dizzy neither way i know its bacterial toxin related here!!!

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