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Re: Henry Makow had a good piece on this topic yesterday by ohfor07 ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   2/7/2017 8:11:01 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Okay, thanks for clarification. I am not familiar with the story of Trump threatening a legislator as you described. Was it an actual threat or more a matter of Trump on training wheels with this thing known as Bully Pulpit? As such, my reply was misdirected but the point stands; if you are not going to look the other way re: Trump/cartels/threat, other than voicing moral outrage, what ( of substance) do you intend to do ?

It is no secret the guy has no prior experience in political office. To me , that is his top qualification for doing what he campaigned on, but for anyone willing to allow some benefit of doubt, give the guy enough slack to hang himself proper in due time. It should surprise no one - no one, especially none of the melodramatic bleeding heart fruitcakes in Hollywood and or SNL , many exhibiting serious need of being talked down off the post election ledge - that he is going to make lots of political mistakes. He hasn't been in office a month yet but appears to have been busy. Meanwhile, the Dems and media seem preoccupied with negative work and negligent on actual work ,.... like allowing him a functional cabinet. If they are so cocksure he is really going to turn out as bad as they hope, expect and have been preaching, that will hapen in due time, meanwhile , give the guy a bleepin staff with which to operate and then go find something else to do for a few months and if they cant do that, maybe do us all a favor and just take a vacation. They and everyone caught up in this program of rushing to panicked judgement should take a pill, allow the guy a little room to preside a few months and then reconvene on this matter in a hundred days or so . After all, that too is part of the dialectic game you were commenting upon near the outset of this thread.


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