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The Fast & Grow Young Fasting Pep Talk! by agelessadept ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   3/2/2017 9:27:45 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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The Fasting Pep Talk!

Congratulations! You are in the middle of an extended water fast!

As challenging as it may seem at times, rest assured, you are doing the right thing. You are doing the best thing for your body and your health.

Have you heard this saying? (I first heard it from motivational speaker, Les Brown)

"You must be willing to do the things today,
that others won't do...
in order to have the things tomorrow,
that others won't have"

You are doing what few other people have the courage or discipline to do, but as a result you will have a level of health that others won't have. Sometimes it may feel like you're being weird or extreme, but these are the sacrifices that our modern world has made necessary if one is to travel a different path than the masses. Instead of ending up like everybody else (pains, disease, etc.), you're carving out a different path that will require courage and discipline.

There is great benefit both short-term and long-term to this temporary fast.

There is no other way for you to achieve what this fast will achieve for your body. There simply isn't. What your digestive system needs in order to activate your body's healing code is rest. The only way to accomplish this is to actually allow it to rest. This is Nature's first cure. You will be normalizing blood acidity, healing scars, autolyzing tumors, dislodging fecal matter in the most natural way possible--Nature's way. The only way to accomplish this is by actually clearing the colon of the matter that is clogging it. As long as obstruction and fecal matter is in your colon, and as long as you keep eating every day, your digestive system will remain active, and the body's healing code remains dormant and unactivated. The only way to do this is to actually do it. There are no herbs, no other therapies that can mimic an empty colon. Only an empty colon is an empty colon.

Yes, you could decide to start eating right now and just keep eating every day of your life, but you will pay the price. Your stomach will never rest. Accumulations will continue and increase. Blockage will result. Illness will develop, and you will go down the road of so many others. However, if you can simply hold out for a few more days--just push yourself to do this challenging thing for just a few more days, you'll succeed in re-booting your system in ways you cannot imagine. Just a few days of courage and discipline--a few days of discomfort, a few days of restraint, a few days of deprivation--within a full year of eating-- will create a different reality.

In the big scheme of things, as challenging as this seems, it is only 10-15 or so days out of 365. It is only a week or so in what will be years of pleasurable eating. You could do this extended fast once this year, and eat to your heart's content for the next two years before you do another. However, the body that you will be taking forward from this point on will be radically different. It will be lighter. It will be more efficient. It will be able digest and eliminate with more effectiveness and with more regularity. It will be clean. You will maintain youth. You will turn the clock backwards a few years whereas others will be moving forward. You will avoid illness. You have no idea the illnesses you are avoiding by doing this. By the simple act of resting, you stop the accumulations that might have resulted in painful, debilitating, costly conditions that are now forever removed from your future.

All it takes is a little courage and discipline for a few more days. Just these few more days out of a lifetime. Is it worth it? Can you deprive yourself of the habit and pleasure of eating for just a few days? You're not giving up food forever! You will eat again, and when you do, it will taste soooooo good! However, you will do so and you will enjoy it from a different place mentally. You will enjoy it knowing that you are not addicted to constant gratification. You will enjoy your food knowing that you discovered how to implement the secret to health. You will eat not from an uncontrollable desire to consume, but from a position of choice. Knowing you can fast at will, eating assumes less control and less power over you. You are free to be healthy. You are free from the strangle-hold that food has over most people.

Others will see it in your aura. They will sense it in how you move through the world. You, too, will feel it.

Yes, you can do this. You ARE doing it. You are becoming a different person, healthier, younger, stronger! Yes, you can fast and grow young! Hang in there!


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