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Re: My Experience with body odor by Joannelim ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   3/5/2017 9:57:38 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Do you still meet those people who commented about your Body Odor ? If yes, how do you face them the next day? My scenario happened in school, my Body Odor did not happen that frequent. Some days when it's hot especially summer I'll sweat easily or whenever I'm heck nervous. I'll have Body Odor my best friends talks behind my back saying that I have body odor and it stinks... and recently it happened again. Few guys... I was sitting with one of the guys at tuition which is an air conditioned enclosed area. I was scared when the teacher called him to sit next to me. He is buff well short of saying he's a cheerleader and I'm so called an introvert in school. He likes to disturb people or even flirt with pretty girls, that is why I'm scared. T_T He asked the guy behind me to change place and told the guy behind me why do you want to snatch my place and then the guy behind me said that the guy next to me wants him to switch places with me... I was so downed so I just switched places with him. He can't get enough he even asked teacher do you give presents for your wife during valentines day... My teacher said he gave her something simple that's all guess what the guy who used to sit next to me said... You should get her a perfume the Victoria Secret brand ones... I felt so bad about it... Why do people wouldn't understand how people with B.O. feels.... The least he could do he can maybe just write me a note or something... I don't know... I just hate it.... (crying while typing this whole message) Now I can't even talk about it to anyone even my family or friends. My mom would keep calling me to take a frequent shower and apply deodorant... My friends talk behind my back too....
AND tomorrow I'll be going back to school my class is just next to his class... What happened if he embarrassed me in front of everyone again T_T
I've tried multiple ways to cure this B.O and did some research about it...It takes time and effort to cure B.O ... Worse come to worse I'll need to control my diet or even seek for medical help...

If there's anything you feel down about you can just talk about it with me :)

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

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