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Mercury Toxic - Zoo of Conflicting Info re diagnosis and treatments by crojag ..... Chelation: Andy Cutler Protocol Forum

Date:   3/9/2017 6:40:16 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Forgive me if I'm not doing this right. I'm pretty new to forums in general.


I am new to this forum and have been dealing with mercury symptoms for 8 months. All started after eating a nutritional bar made up of spirulina. I got very very sick for a couple of days and it went downhill from there. Severe brain fox, absolutely ZERO energy, severe memory loss, cognitive problems to the degree I could not spell words like "and," muscle twitching and weakness in my right leg and twitches throughout body, severe emotional swings and panic attacks, digestive issues, and more....

I truly thought I was going to die. Drove my wife nuts.

My hair tissue mineral analysis showed a mercury level at .311 and aluminum at .92. All of the good / nutrient minerals were measured extremely low.

I've shelled out thousands upon thousands of dollars on supplements, lab tests ( thought I had ALS so had countless MRIs, among others), and I am currently seeing a Lyme specialist (although no Lyme tests have come back positive), and Connie Fox (Mercury survivor).

There are SO many conflicting opinions around the value of hair tests, and my Lyme doc wants me to take DMSA and do a urine test. From what I've read DMSA can cause mercury to dump and re-trigger symptoms. He prescribed 8 pills to be taken all at once which seems quite extreme..

Over the past 8 months I have taken ALA, EDTA, and many other things known to cause chelation, although stupidly I didn't realize that when taking them. Needless to say, I felt awful... finally, Connie Fox said STOP taking them and get your body right first. That's been helping.. and now that I;m not feeling horrible all the time am nervous to go backwards by taking the DMSA challenge test.

What have others done to prove to themselves they are mercury toxic?

Is DMSA safe?

Is my hair test worth taking seriously?

Thanks for any of your time.

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