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Re: Help please! by Olalla ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/10/2017 12:33:06 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I do not just give advice, I muscle test people for exactly what they need to do to get well. This includes what pathogens they have, what frequencies they need to treat themselves with on their Rife Machine, what type of Rife Machine to buy and what they need to do to detox and then what supplements they need to heal.

I have taken all the Advanced Kinesiology courses and these cost $5,000 now. I took a year long massage course to learn how the body works and this cost me $4,000. I have been reading about and studying and taking alternative healing courses for over 50 years. Expecting me to work for free is like expecting a doctor or a kinesiologist or a massage therapist to work for free.

Moreover, it is energetically depleting and exhausting for me to test people remotely. I have to feel the negative energy of their pathogens in order to read the frequencies. Opening up in this way I cannot avoid feeling their negative emotions from childhood traumas, past life traumas, the karma and traumas of their ancestors and the demons they have in and around them. When a person opens to another's energy field you cannot pick and choose what you are going to feel, you feel everything. I would rather be doing anything else than having to feel the energy of sick people, but I have been told by God to do it, so I obey. So I can't do this work and have the energy to do anything else to make money.

I have to live too, I have to pay my bills, and after being sick myself all my life with Lyme and so unable to work very much, I have no pension other than the Gov't one, which isn't enough to live on. At 67 years old I cannot even get a job anymore, let alone get one where I live which is in a poor community in the mountains where there are no jobs available for anyone who was not born here. Small towns take care of their own.

Your telling people to buy a zapper is very bad advice indeed. And even telling them to buy a rife machine without telling them at the same time not to rely on the CAFL frequency lists but to get muscle tested for their frequencies is just not going to help them in any way. Don't you know that sending the wrong frequencies or using with such a weak machine as the zapper can drive pathogens into the bones and cysts and brain (thus never effecting a complete cure) as well as waste precious time so that it becomes too late for a good Rife Machine to work? This is especially dangerous for anyone who does not know whether or not they have Cancer starting. I advise everyone not to take this woman's advice or help.

Go to my blog and educate yourself.

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