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Re: Try FasterEFT - for emotional release! (better than EFT) by chirontherainbowbridge ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   3/10/2017 11:32:25 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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i think he needs to change " transformations" to " " transmutation" and maybe even change the
EFT part...

( update: Robert G. Smith is now calling himself Robert Gene, on his videos. and perhaps has altered the meaning of EFT...)

His method is solid. iIt's true people have at first found it by googling " faster" and " eft"... But having done so, it proves its Unique value.

Faster EFT should not be thought of like a "big gulp" version of eft., or be associated in a person's mind with fast food...

in my honest view. "faster" for so many of us has a charge too..Maybe we were always told to hurry up, so that charge has to be cleared... Maybe. it reminds one of not having peace, and brings up images of hamster wheels, etc. futility and speed... maybe even. of forcing OTHERS to " hurry up", or, being forced to always do more, faster.
. . .
Faster EFT
is really more like inner alchemy, where you literally change lead to gold. change the inside, and you change the world. ,!!!! this is something that everyone should use,

meaning, it would be good for their highest expression, not that i would want to see enforced faster eft-- and from a very young age for it to be taught would be wonderful. For goodness sake, it,s 2017, and now children are learning how to see with their third eye. it's quite teachable, in a short time. You can then see even blindfolded, and can see much more truth... you can google this...)

Faster EFT would be like the equivalent of the old
kindergarten buddy system, and the daily snack, which was a way to feel sort of ok, and look out for one another., but FEFT would be a way to feel great!

Feft is a way to clear ALL your obstacles to perfect peace, so you can acrually experience the now. And with perfect peace, then you have truly beneficial creativity, not this power-over-others stuff, that only benefits the few, and divides the rest, and keeps them stuck.

imagine. . .

it would get to a point that just to think of the clearing points and 'aim' one,s attention, as is so key to the process, would effect the clearing and deletion of all that is not for the highest possible expression .

simple. and brilliant. and so easily learned...

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