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What is under my scalp, what are the bumps and what are the white hairs? by Used2bmor ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/13/2017 2:41:13 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I have posted on this web site numerous times. I have tried all the recommendations. I appreciate every response. I am going to list my questions separately and briefly. If anyone who reads this knows the answers or if it is familiar to you, please respond. 1. The black circles that come from under scalp. They look like tiny worms in the circle. They swim and can fly. Very sticky. When I touch it, it duplicates itself, a little lighter color or maybe thinner too, sometimes 6 or 7 times. 2. I put any lotion or cream on my bald scalp and lumps pop up. I have white hairs that grow with dark hairs on my scalp. Both hairs start growing after a clean shave. The white hairs are thicker hairs and grow taller than the other hairs. After applying lotion or cream, these white hairs get fatter, thicker, bigger, and look like white worms. 3. Growth of white hairs on face, ears, eyebrows. When I pluck the white stray, stiffer and thicker eyebrow hairs, (regular brown eyebrow hairs normal) a very large raw hole is open where the white hair was growing. This hole in the tissue has to scab before healing. Who plucks their eyebrows and is left with holes that scab over? The regular brown eyebrow hairs I pluck don't act like this, don't leave holes and then get scabs. 4. When I put Vaseline on my bald scalp, bumps come up out from under the scalp. I pluck the lump and sure enough, they are the white hairs, and after removing the hair, the lump that suddenly came up after the Vaseline sat on it for a few minutes, is now gone. I can dab Vaseline over the spot and nothing else pops up. I have scraped the Vaseline off, gently, and the Vaseline is full of little white round eggs, larvae or worms. All the brown hair growth stays normal, stays underneath the vaseline, lotion or cream. 5. I feel the crawling, intense itch on the crawly spots on my scalp, apply Vaseline, lumps pop up from under the Vaseline, I pluck the lump, a thick fat, doughy like noodles in soup, a definite and different ends on it, one pointed, one round, previously a white hair, comes out, bump and itching gone. For a while. I am sorry for the length of this post. I am trying my best to describe the problem right now with my shaved head. My head is only a part of what is going on. I have issues with my skin, eyes, ears and nose too, but I will post those later. If anyone wants pictures, please reply and I will send you pictures. I have posted images to the image gallery, but can't figure out how to go back and view them. Any ideas or answers to any of my questions would be so appreciated. My normal closing to posts about parasites....No, I am not crazy, delusional or on drugs.

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