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Re: I think my girlfriend is cheating on me by Used2bmor ..... Relationship Support Forum

Date:   5/3/2017 11:27:28 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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I'm 62 yes old so I have a few more relationships under my belt than you. I can only tell you from my experience. I was madly in love with a guy once. Everything was perfect when we're together, every moment was like the Fourth of July , to me. All I needed was to hear his voice and whatever was bothering name at that time went out the window. I would have changed myself gladly to anything he wanted me to be for just one more time together. I thought he felt the same way, at least he acted like he did. Once things got serious he became less and less available. His hours, his band, his friends, his night school, all these "things" he did during our time together he suddenly blamed for not being available. He at least was honest with me when I told him I didn't understand what happened. What happened he said was "this", what we had, was not what he wanted. His practice was to hang out with girls for the fun and excitement, the newness. Once he felt he cared more than that he pulled back. He made an exit. He was on to his next "excitement". I got my heart broke and 43 yrs later I haven't forgot the pain. We are all souls traveling in time and some people can turn love off for any given reason. As far as her being pregnant by not worry, she knows how to find you if she wants a daddy. She also knows how to have an abortion if she wants to and there is nothing you can do. This relationship has been controlled by her and on her terms. That is the way it will end too. You ask her a question, she gives you a lousy answer. Why isn't she asking YOU the questions? She has you controlled by her and her answers. Just my advice. Shut your heart down, if she cares she knows she can come up with some answer and get you believing again. This is her game. Don't play it anymore. Believe it or not, if what she wants is you, she knows how to reach you. Then is the time to make a plan to be together or not. Save your love for a girl who lets you know you are the one she doesn't want to lose. Sorry if my opinion hurts you, not intended, I am trying to save you from even more pain than what you have already been going through.

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