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Re: My EC spread due to coconut oil! by White Shark ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   5/4/2017 11:25:41 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Have you read about the “real” cure?

From that same page:


CURE #2 – The “real” cure

As I mentioned earlier, the skin is the body’s first line of defense signaling that something is wrong. And let me tell you, something IS wrong.

Everyone is different and their body’s react differently to things. Take a shell-fish allergy for example. Some people may break out in hives, some may get lock-jaw, some may have their throat close. In this case shell-fish is the cause, and the reactions can obviously differ. But various body reactions don’t just happen with allergies, they can happen with a myriad of issues.

For example, when there’s too much bad flora in your gut and your liver has too many toxins. This is quite difficult to clear and takes a very strict diet/detoxing over time to heal. This is not an allergy, but something that the body will react to. In my, or your case, our body reacts with dermatitis! Wonderful, huh? Hey, it’s better than throat closing! Anyway, what you need to understand is that everyone is different and everyone has a different cause.

The causes are mainly going to be an allergies, or something health related. THAT is what YOU need to figure out. When you do, and you address it… Seborrheic Dermatitis is GONE! Just remember, the dermatitis you have is a reaction. It’s not just “hey sorry, this is how your body works” like doctors may have you believe. It doesn’t just happen, just like your throat wouldn’t close under healthy/normal conditions. It’s a reaction…so find your cause. That said, your cause could be an allergy to food, environment, detergent, SLS in shampoos, any chemical out there, or you name it. If it’s health related, it could be bad flora ( Candida Overgrowth ) in the gut needing probiotics and diet detox, or it could be a vitamin deficiency where your body is not functioning properly for example. So it’s not JUST a food allergy , or JUST a health problem. It’s different for everyone. The next time you see someone ranting or even selling their “it’s 100% a food allergy ” cure, know that they might be helping some people who it actually is a food allergy , and seriously misguiding many others at the same time. I would try and get health blood tests and allergy blood tests (food and elemental) and see if you can pin point it. PS – I hate to say this but it could be more than one issue - like bad gut, and multiple allergies, etc.. However, remember that the body can react differently to different allergies. In the meantime, try to cut out some obvious bad habits you might currently have.
If you're eating a lot of crap food, smoking, drinking lots of coffee, alcohol, eating high amounts of sugars, etc., to help your cause. Also keep your skin as clean and dry as possible. Some moisturizing is okay and in most cases needed off the bat, but keep it to a minimum and you’ll be okay.

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