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Re: Hairloss started while taking Iodoral by #68716 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   5/15/2017 8:28:31 PM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Isn't olive oils mostly an omega-9 and not omega-3 ? I think so, the oleic content is high so for omega-3 sources I personally would not recommend olive oil since olive has at best negligible omega-3. Hair loss is often due to inflammatory response owing to excessive amounts of omega-6 oils in the diet, like most americans get, which leads to prostaglandins which are highly inflammatory. In fact, that's why most americans suffer from chronic inflammation of their whole bodies, and that chronic inflammatory state contributes to many things, including the Big C.

In my view, if someone's hair is falling out, I wouldn't look to tell them to add nutrients to their diet, before first examining what is in their current diet they maybe should not be ingesting so much of. Most of these armchair internet doctors ignore that facet of things, but at the same time its not practical to query people about their habits, those things take a time investment. So, recommending selenium , omega 3, and other nutrients is ok to do, just don't be overly optimistic, it is very rare someone has a condition and they are told "take this" or "take that" and it actually works. In my view one of the best things people can do is to stop eating so much dam* omega-6 oils, its lunacy how much of those lipids that people are eating and they are definitely pro-inflammatory. Omega 3 are good but you also need alot of them, and Iodine must be present if our bodies are to produce the key ingredient of DHA iodolactone. DHA and EPA are the right lipids to get and plenty of them, but also look into delta-6-desaturase enzyme and whether one's body is producing any gamma-linolenic, which is also a precursor of powerful anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. I went for an eye exam today and was told I'm seeing slightly better than 20/20 without any eyeglasses, which was encouraging even though I still have a ways to go. I've taken quite a bit of omega 3 the past couple years and have avoided omega 6 like the plague. People eat way too much omega 6, it blimps them out, even at the cellular level, and leads to all sorts of problems once a cascade begins.

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