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Re: Hairloss started while taking Iodoral by Vi Pacem ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   5/17/2017 6:13:27 AM ( 6 years ago ago)
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Everyone has given good answers to your problem. Ferritin levels are good indicators of a possible mercury toxicity, like it was mentioned in another answer amalgam removal is key for health restoration, not only hair health. It may be hard to find a dentist willing to remove them if you have amalgams but it's important to do so.

Important as well is to stop neurotoxins intake, identify the sources that are toxifying you and avoid them, this has some degree of detective work so to speak and you have to take responsability and learn a lot about this subject. Also start an oral chelation therapy as those hormonal imbalances you mention are a clear symptom of neurotoxin buildup. It is surprising you are producing DHT in noticeable levels. Women normally produce 10 times less testosterone than men. If you were producing a level of DHT that provoked hair loss you also should be growing hair in the face, chest and legs like a man as DHT induces hair loss but also body hair growth.

As I mentioned learn about neurotoxins and chelation method since this is the most likely suspect imo. A good place to start is this article on oral chelation. Another good article on latest research on male and female pattern hair loss is this article on vitamins for hair growth aren't enough by themselves. There talks about how is important to take aminoacids and organic minerals and vitamins in order to make the hair grow again in females and a bit about metal toxicity theory and research, especially nickel. Follow the information on those two articles, if needed, research more with Google Scholar (ensure every therapy you start or any supplementation is backed by science and research). It'll be a journey that will require patience and perseverance but achieving good health is one of the most rewarding accomplishments anyone can experience.


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