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Re: Fungal sinus infection remedy? by Fondues ..... Home Remedies Forum

Date:   5/17/2017 11:50:37 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I saw seven ENT'S (Ear,Nose & Throat doctor) Even went to the medical university saw the chief of the department . All the ENT doctor all did cultures nothing showed up. Now the Chief did tell me something that my sinuses were so inflammed that the camera could see anything because it could not get into my nose. Then he says why bother with CAT scan since you cannot see anything let's do a steroid wash for couple months first. Then why did those other ENT do scans? Totally useless . But it was noted that mucus was thick. Then I went to highly sought after Naturopathic doctor .Since I had mold exposure before and he was educated in environmental illnesses/ mold exposure I figured this was the right guy . He did a nasal smear and sends it to a special lab comes back High Positive MARCoNS He prescribed the BEGS Spray .. strongest stuff I have ever taken and it works and it has stuff in it the dissolves the biofilms and kills the MARCONS.

The Chinese medicine doctor told me if you have in your nose you have in your body. That makes total sense to me . The entire body needs to be treated. I went on anti-candida / anti-fungal diet as well

Now why are 7 ENT that are expensive to see so clueless ? Mayo studies revealed 88% of original diagnosis is incorrect. Stunning statistics. I decided I would never get well until someone ran the right tests so I know now that the testing method is not as broad as it should be. The testing methods are flawed and lacking in some cases. In fact, my medical doctor told me straight out " We do not have time to investigate causes of anything we only prescribe if you want someone to figure out the cause see Naturopathic doctor he has more time to do that." The MD was just telling me the truth. He was right .
Is it possible that the standard Medical model is failing a lot of people?

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