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Post-ERCP Diet / Gallbladder Sludge by FlyinHawaiian ..... Gallbladder Surgery Support Forum

Date:   5/19/2017 4:25:45 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Aloha everyone Ė So glad I found this forum! What a blessing. Iíd just gone through an ERCP a week ago, on May 8th, the doc found blockage from some sludge and a gallstone which he removed then installed a (temporary) stent to be removed in 4-6 wks. It was a relief b/c I wasnít in pain, and the CT and MRI the previous wk didnít reveal any stones (those tests aren't perfect), but they did see dilation of the common bile duct which led them to believe thereís obstruction there, which they confirmed at the ERCP. After removing the sludge and gallstone and putting in the stent, my #ís are coming down nicely and the jaundice is going away, thank God.

Iíve done the Moritz cleanse several times before Ė the cause of my sludge is my rapid fat loss during Feb./March (went from 230 to 200), so Iím wanting to do the cleanse again. Got some questions please:

1) Should I do the cleanse after the stent is out? If I do it now Iím afraid I may mess up the stent if the bile ducts dilate too much from the Epsom Salts .

2) Since the ERCP, Iíve not yet transitioned to a low-fat/regular diet, Iím deathly afraid of accumulating more sludge Ė I know, just paranoid b/c my lipase was superelevated post-ERCP, but did finally come down, thought I'd gotten pancreatitis (which is a risk from an ERCP). Been just eating apples, apple juice, grapefruit, kimchee. Should I eat low-fat clean foods to get the bile going? I know I should be eating more, but am confused as to how to proceed.

3) Iím meeting my sisterís family @ the end of June for a Disney cruise to Alaska Ė will still have the stent in, plan on taking it out after I get back. My thinking is Ė I got the stent, my system is at lower risk for obstruction. Is it okay to allow for a couple of liberal meals, e.g. eggs @ brunch, cake for dessert?

Thanks so much everyone for your advice!


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