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i think we gonna have to afford the tests smh... by Robert14 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   6/8/2017 1:50:07 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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ive been sick for 2 yrs....i went thru all the suspicions i went to mexico had cavitation surgery root canal clean up i am much better than before maybe that was the root cause but i know even if so what about the bacteria it left...

ive corrected the vitamin d deficiency and take the basic nutrients for adrenal...

is the next step....the metamatrix GI effect stool test and the hair mineral test....i know stuff sounds expensive but i do not wanna suffer anymore

there were alot of things that put me at risk for sickness i use to eat alot of Sugar as i have quit and no longer have the desire to eat Sugar ever since grapefruit seed extract and some minerals

i think its time for us to get these test....i think i have GI started after i got sick...maybe from the cavitation....maybe going to mexico on vacations [[before i went for the cavitation surgery ]] comin back from cancun...maybe the Antibiotics after i got sick which was horrible....neither way im leading toward a GI test

what do you guys think....i dont have bloating gas or nothing but from what i hear u dont have much is the GI stool test how do i send my stool ordering the hair mineral test too these two test should get to bottom of things right

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