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Re: Heavy infestation for years, No one believes me, Now it's getting serious please help. by RetiredOne ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/10/2017 3:23:24 PM ( 5 years ago ago)
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Hello I contacted the vietnamese doctor. He wanted 4-500 USD for the protocol which I simply don't have. I explained to him my situation being on disability and provided the photos. He has not provided any insight other than asking how much I can pay now. I feel there is a language barrier. However one message said he would send the protocol which I had missed and he asked for my address. Since giving my address I have no heard back from him and am checking the mailbox each day. I went through the whole tube of Ivermectin taking about 200lb dosage worth each day until it was finished. All while taking vitamins and eating somewhat healthy. No junk, no sugar, nothing like that. Yesterday I gave myself 2 coffee enemas and the stuff just kept coming out all day long. If I didn't cut off the enemas I am sure it would still keep coming because I could go back to the bathroom every 20minutes and pass something that looks like worm skin debris. I am really at a loss, I have gone pretty vigorously in trying to wipe these things out, thinking I need chemothrapy or something to zap these things deep within the tissue. They are still coming out when I wake up, I have to stick my finger in there to dislodge after I am done or use an enema. I am truly scared, will I just never get rid of these things and I am doomed to waste away and lose weight until there is nothing left or my heart fails ?

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