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Jolly rancher-sized stones with coffee enema after flush. by Bioluminescent ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/30/2017 12:35:43 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Several months ago, I got an acupuncture treatment for general cleansing. For those who have never had acupuncture: the needles themselves never hurt--- the meridians hurt if they are not functioning properly. One needle made me cry out in pain the ache was so horrible. My acupuncturist told me it was my gallbladder. I went home to research gall bladder issues, and realized how sick my liver and gall bladder had been. I have always been thin and "look" healthy, but I was very sick and did not know how to get better. I had severe anger, terrible nausea and vomiting, and gall bladder attacks (I couldn't figure out why my side would spasm sometimes!). Through the acupunture diagnosis, I began to research ways to heal myself.
I have been following these forums for a month to educate myself and want to contribute to 1)help others out there who are doing this 2)get feedback from people who do not think I am crazy. I don't know many people personally who are doing this, and many people think I am nuts when I tell them! I am learning as I go thanks to this amazing resource and want others to do the same!
Just completed second flush image here:

The first flush, I did not photograph, but did not get nearly as many stones and hundreds of liverflukes and large worm seeds. Many of the stones were wrapped in nests of worms.

I did three weeks of intense parasite cleansing and coffee enemas, and released heavy amounts of foul smelling toxins and parasites. I used an herbal detox 3x day Wormwood +cloves+pau'd arco+black walnut for the chemical cleaning AND a Tbsp of diatomaceous earth for the physical scraping.

The second flush went better. The nausea was not as pronounced, and I saw only chards of a few flukes instead of hundreds. I completed a coffee enema after the flush which released all of the the jolly rancher sized stones in the photo. There was also a considerable more amount of sludge and small stones which I did not bother to save.

Did not drink apple juice in preparation as it inflamed candida and parasite issues, instead opted for kidney cleansing tart cherry juice, which has a much higher concentration of malic acid.

Completed several coffee + water enemas after to ensure bowels were totally clear of sludge. Next time will make an appointment with hydrotherapist for second day. I was concerned about electrolyte depletion from multiple enemas in one week, but more concerned about having the toxic stones trapped in intestines.

I did not have the sense of euphoria I felt after the first flush, but I have not had any anger since first flush. Also got an acupuncture treatment in the liver meridian before this flush. Can't wait to complete upcoming flushes.

As a result of Liver Cleansing my skin glows and I no longer need foundation. My eyes look very bright and shiny, and my hair is regrowing.

Invested in a good stainless steel enema bucket to help with continued parasite cleansing and liver flushes. Next flush will go back to my colonhydrotherapist, though not many of them where I live!

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