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Re: congratulation on your success! by Bioluminescent ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/31/2017 11:10:07 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Hi WS,

Yes! I have suffered from classic liver symptoms for years but didn't know that was what they were.

This is only my 2nd flush + coffee enemas + acupuncture support. I also removed copper IUD which has also helped greatly. But I have already seen changes:

-brain fog/concentration issues
-severe nausea after eating
-tiredness after eating
-extreme anger
-stabbing pain in right side at any exertion
-hair loss
-bloating after eating
-stiff feeling in right side
-cravings for alcohol
- food sensitivities
-pain and stiffness in right shoulder and shoulder blades

As a result of the cleansing,
my waist is more defined, I have more energy, I am not angry all the time. It is such a huge relief. The anger was so horrible and destructive and I did not understand why I was dealing with it. (Liver is the seat of anger according to TCM). This is the biggest life changer for me. I was so desperate to find out why I was angry, I was willing to do anything. I thought it was a character flaw for the longest time and blamed myself. But it was an accumulation of toxins (copper toxicity from IUD) as well as many toxins built up in liver through a decade of medications, alcohol, etc. I just thought my symptoms were the way I was, and accepted that they were part of me. It was only when I decided to cut out all the crap (coping mechanisms) and listen to my body that I could heal.

Also now:
-easier to digest food
-better mood
-more energy
-beautiful skin. Don't both with foundation anymore b/c skin glows.
-Clearer/brighter eyes.
-no more stabbing pain in right shoulder and shoulder blade.
-Curiously, no more vertical indentation in forehead
-More "alive"-looking, skin appears tanner (as it's natural tone should be)
-Reduction of vitiligo
-Body less stiff, less pain

I am a female in my early 30s. Plan to continue with the flushes and parasite cleanses until liver is clean. I still have very bad brain fog and difficulty concentrating. I am really hoping this gets better as the process goes.


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