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I should have started threadworm treatment from day 1. by mattk3 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   8/12/2017 12:01:55 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I have released a draft treatment of threadworms.

It was after digging deep for studies that indicate threadworms are out of control, These studies contradict official country releases, but some countries are honest in their estimates.

Early on I created a hypothesis that parasites that infect parasites is possible.

In all my research, and the research I have read from others, there was very little supporting data for my theory.

Then I came across a paper that indicated threadworms Strongyloides are a gateway parasite in that an infection causes immune loss, and that contact with Ascaris, Strongyloidae, and about a dozen species of nematodes is dramatically higher when there is an infection with threadworms.

This got me to think, if the tests are inaccurate, if the only time the tests are accurate is during a parasite life cycle, if the sensitivity of PCR is so low it improves the test accuracy only a bit, and there are potentially millions or billions of undetected cases, this is a world wide potential for disaster.

If threadworms are actually the reason people are parasite infected, then I suggested to several folks many months ago, that early dosing of levamisole low dose 150mg a day in 3 50 mg caps, Dr Clark Clove Capsule, and DMSO on the skin would be helpful.

I got a call the other day from a gal who did this along with the Ascaris protocol.

She sounded fantastic, her situation changed dramatically in just a few months.

Then there are the responses I got from my email group, more than half indicated levamisole made a huge impact, many showing signs of threadworm disease.

All I have done, and focusing only on infections as complicated as mine, the most important thing I can say appears to be a common to the majority of us, people with really bad infections, is that there are undetected threadworm infections that make treatment difficult.

For those that start threadworm treatment early, especially those that have white worm infections, only a few months seam to be needed for a dramatic improvement.

If I only knew this when my problem started.

Early use of single cap clove, Levamisole, and external skin applied DMSO appear to be game changers, when combined with traditional treatments.

MMS externally applied to skin wounds every few days seams beneficial.

Treatments that were tried and never worked, now work for me, and others I have communicated with.

The Magic Bullet, if there is one, is treating for threadworms up front, even if they are not detected.

Assume you have a threadworm infection. With poor testing, doctors that know little of parasites, and a world map showing more and more countries are recognizing this threat, It may be the safest way to start treatment.

Oh yes, my initial threadworm tests from the beginning were negative. Guess I should have tested the test.

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