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My Chronic Acid Reflux ACTUALLY cured! by Dasa0514 ..... Acid Reflux/GERD Forum

Date:   9/22/2017 2:53:56 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Let me begin by saying that I have been dealing with Acid reflux for 5 years. It began after my wisdom teeth came in and I couldn't afford to have them removed. Until I could afford it, I took painkillers day and night just to function. During this time I also took 2 rounds of Antibiotics . The end result: I damaged my pancreas with NSAID's. However, I didn't realize the connection until 5 years later when everything I ate caused me to have acid reflux. I began a food journal. If it entered my mouth I wrote it down, and it's subsequent reaction, if any.

Recently, I went to a naturopath who checked most of my vital organs for function. Here is where I found out that my pancreas were pretty much shot. Your pancreas aid in digestion by secreting enzymes necessary for vitamin absorption. Without it you can't properly digest food. Pancreatic enzymes also kill candida. Candida is responsible for a host of medical conditions if overgrowth gets out of hand and is left untreated. This is where the groundwork for acid reflux begins.

How I cured my acid reflux was simple: I completely changed my diet initially to a low acid diet, I made sure to eat a meal consisting of veggie, protein, and carb (like quinoa or lentils- very small portion) I took a digestive enzyme before I ate and pancreatin after my meal. This was all I did in the beginning because I didn't want to overload or burden my system with too many things plus it helped me to better manage/journal what worked in what amounts and what didn't.

If you want a quick test of whether it's your pancreas causing the problem then do this little test. Eat a snack like you normally would when you'd typicall get reflux, take 2 papaya digestive enzymes. If you notice that you don't have reflux when you'd normally have it gen my guess would be that your underlying issue is your pancreas and you should go see a naturopath and have EVERYTHING tested. I am so happy that I did that and now I have ZERO acid reflux. None. Pancreatin (specifically for the digestion of fats, proteins, and carbs) AND systemic digestive enzymes eliminated my acid reflux, along with vitamin C, Zinc and a healthier diet. Note: I do not consume Sugar of any kind outside of fruit and that's limited.

Hopefully this helps someone. I felt helpless for years and I've finally feel like my normal self.


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