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To Armani85 by jhan ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   9/27/2017 8:54:42 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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The first thing one comes to realize when hone suffers from candida is that there is no magic pill.

Candida needs to be starved! So it is extremely important that you do not eat food that feeds it. Sugar Carbs vinegar etc. (the candida diet) and that you avoid getting bloated by eating food YOU do not digest well.

Once this first step is done we can talk business

Many, many people never managed to recover from candida. They stick to the diet and they get a normal life again. I have managed to get rid of it and get back to a regular diet- but every so often it is back (and I am back to the forum -lol-) When I found out about Curezone in 2000, I was bed ridden, chronic fatigue disease, this is what awaits us if we do not address the issue.

How to proceed?

Step one - follow the diet - and find your food intolerance so you are no longer bloated use Marshmallow root tea to reduce the inflammation when your tummy is painful. Inflammation will lead to leaky gut.

You have to do that first in order to stop feeding candida.

Step two helping your body clean up
Clean your cleansing organs - the bowels - the liver -the kidneys - Cleanse them so they work better

Step 3 - leaky gut - candida drills into the intestinal walls - once it has been weakened through starvation you can heal the leak. Leaky gut can become so bad as to turn into adrenal fatigue then you need to support the adrenals

Step 4 - reintroducing the right flora
Only when the bowel has the fight ph and is clean enough will it allow the right intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) to grow back and reestablish the equilibrium

You are at step one. You need to starve the yeast BEFORE you move ahead
The use of an antifungal (diflucan and other chemical ones) or caprylic acid and grapefruit seed extract (rotating every 3 weeks or so) will further help to weaken candida. But to kill it (well candida is ALWAYS in your body) but to return to the healthy form of candida you need to get rid of the junk stuck into your bowels over the past years.

An utterly good way to get there FAST is to eat raw: vegetable and nut for a few days or else semi-fast for a few days: drink an egg into almond milk in the morning green vegetable juice at lunch and a broth for dinner.
I find that, when I am exhausted from adrenal fatigue, the semi-fast gets to make me feel stronger and less tired. I stop when I start to get tired again eating raw then slowly add food listing which food I get to be intolerant to And avoiding them until my body is better able to deal with them.


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