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Re: Allergic reaction. by armani85 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/29/2017 3:50:29 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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thx iv done blood test and they came back normal , well i just need to know why i get so alergic what is the reason of it , 2 months ago i was eatking what i want , diary milk , gluten soy evrything , now whatever i eat i get alergic , im waking up at night few times i know those can come from meny aspects liver , parasites , candida , maybe lyme ? just dont know how to figure out what is the bigest problem for my imune system and help him to fight with that , i dont know if its good idea to fight with candida if its something else triger that...

and im just scared to take any antifungal/antiparasitews cuz even hearbal react bad f or me i dont know if its alergic reaction or liver is so weak that cant proces die off but i dont know if die of f coudl be imiditly after swoling something... last i remember die off was after 1-2h and it was reaction that fell me very weak and sleepy this reaction i think definictly not die off or flare up ...

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