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To be honest I think most of us have dental toxins affecting us by Robert14 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   10/13/2017 10:13:01 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I'm just being honest I believe a large majority of people sick on here with adrenal issues have some sort of jaw cavitation and infected root canals or amalagrams going on

I mean maybe some y'all do have hidden things like lyme or parasites but I still think it all stems from dental and immune system I read good articles that anybody with the most dental work has weak immune smh so if u had several root canals fillings and your sick I suggest u hit this route and learn all the diseases n conditions this shit causes

I had cavitation surgery 6 months ago by one of the best in tijuana but I'm lost because I feel the surgery went well and got way better with Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome but not 100% I'm like 60 percent better I can go to gym and I work u know but still have some adrenal issues but way better I'm not dumping sodium anymore really blood pressure is like 120 over 73 I still get the occasional muscle twitches nothing like before and my stools are still sort of light colored but not yellow

I had 3 cavitation biggest one where infected root canal was and I still got 1 silver filling I plan to remove

My thing is how long does this recovery take i know i need to go back to see if my bone has healed not only that how do i know the infection has been cleared I think I need to find the cavitat or other devices to show what's going on after

What about mineral deficiency I feel i need a hair test too still after this surgery u are still in the dark to what is going on etc

I am actually planning on moving to tijuana Mexico cuz I fell in love with the damn place lol decided to work in cali and live in tijuana gonna go for it at end of the year I saved up bunch of money for this and it would help me to be close to biological dentist u know where I can eventually afford more stuff related to this crap lol and least the living will be cheap as hell but the border wait I will have to get use to but I decided i need to be find a way to be close to cheap dental care America and sickness like this doesn't work and insurance useless

Right now I take just stuff to support adrenal

Vitamin c l ascorbic powder
B vitamins
Magnesium chloride
Zinc lozenges
Vitamin d3

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