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Re: Threadlike feeling crawling from anus and thru out pubic area by willowwhite ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/29/2017 7:35:52 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Yep, I have major joint problems this year. A torn hip labrum, totally torn gluteal tendon, tearing thru the cartlege lining the knee caps, and a posteriorly dislocated TMJ disk. Dr Yu said it is from the parasites. Geeze, though, I don't know if it is from my house, however were I live, anything is possible. I think I casually picked it up in Key West about 20 yrs ago. You are 100% right about the hurricanes and upcoming problems.

Curious, how did Cahill dx the whipworms?? I read that they are resistant to the commom anti-helminthes. Dr Yu's nurse run a test that showed whipworms, but he has never mentioned that. I did ask him if I could have resistant whipworms, and he just said: No.

Whatever these things are, they look like a little oval mat of whitish grey fibers with a few fibers sticking out one end, and a tiny black sensory speck.

About the auto immune dx, I first became ill with tiny worm-like things that stung my skin 20 yrs ago after vacationing in the Keys. I did not know if they were going in me or coming out, but no one else in the family got them, so maybe they were coming out. A few years later, I developed the auto-immune problems and dxs. I think the auto immune illnesses developed because of the parasites. My very open-minded rheumy is hoping they resolve when the parasite issue is over.

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