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loo9Re: Success curing anal fissure by millicentm ..... Success Stories Forum

Date:   11/11/2017 10:38:23 AM ( 5 years ago ago)
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I'd like to share how I cured my serious fissure that lasted for almost a year with no sign of a cure

It was the right amount of Diatomaceous Earth, one teaspoon helped a little bit, it was only when I started pouring it into my glass one tablespoon or two tablespoon a day that it actually cured the damage that had happened from allergies, it helped heal the areas completely and it doesn't cure allergies, but it does cure this condition, this very scary pain, and it helps get rid of it completely

I recommend everyone try this as it's completely natural organic fossilized plankton in the form of diatoms that heal your processes within, and can get parasites out as well

And also nice is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is very affordable, and once I started with taking more first thing everyday, it only took about a month to heal

Thank you for the advice on theses forums, I found my cure researching my allergies (gluten, dairy)and many people don't talk about this natural miracle found in nature

I'm also Vegan, let's take care and leave the nonsense for the government :-)

Good bye and good luck :-)



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