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Re: follow my youtube vlog of an extended fast by archus ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   12/3/2017 9:26:26 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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I watched your video on youtube. It is a good start a few things I noticed.....

You do not look overweight to me.

I think 50 days is a hefty goal and I donít recommend it. Go up to 30 days, eat for 30 dats and if need be, do another 30 days.

You advise doing exercise during a fast, which is not a good idea. During a Water Fast one needs to rest. Mild walking is ok.

As you mention in your video, Humans did not have to adapt. Two legged beings started walking 6 million years ago and nature gave every living thing the same program, which is not to eat everyday. All animals live this way, they find food they eat, if they donít they stay hungry. If nature did not create all living things this way, nature would failed long time ago, there would be no life. We learned to grow and store foods very recently, over 10,000 years ago. Last 200 years have been even worse, we make things that stay on shelves for months, thus we eat very often in a day. 4-5 meals a day. Also doctors and scientists make their own assumptions and rules, if we donít eat 4 times a day we harm our body or die. This has created and epidemic of obesity and diseases.

Sorry for a long lecture. When fasting, keep it simple...

Drink warm water per thirst. No toothpaste, no chewing gum, or supplements should go in your mouth

Stay warm.


Your list of conditions will go away after a long fast. I would consider doing a liver flush, kidney flush and Colon Cleanse after the fast. Also I am glad that you meditate and do yoga, that will help as well. What you eat after fast will have an impact on your good health.

Good wishes.



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