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Re: Please help! New here! Tired and Drunk feeling and I want my life back! by TJTJ ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   12/18/2017 12:15:45 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Yes, I felt this way for a long time, but the last 6 months were very hard, because the symptoms got worse, the brain fog was half of day, and at night couldnít get sleep... Yes You can heal! But it takes time... and discipline!
You have parasites as all the other ppl on this planet, but as I hear You have that one too, that took my life away for so long- the rope worm! The doctors donít know about it, some donít believe, or maybe hide the truth, wtv...
You can heal by starting to cleanse through diet, enemas etc
Here is the link that saved my life as I got them almost out- I Cantrell You, you will feel depressed after the first enema as many ÷rtchen die inside of u and their bodies produce neurotoxins and bad bacteria and that will make u feel sick, but only for a day, You will feel as new after...
The sad news is that ur kids have it too, You can start educate them about enemas showing them when u make it - try to laugh, donít talk about ur fears towards enemas or treatment- this way they will make it too, my 5 yr daughter made it and she expelled a 60 cm rope worm, and lots of ascaris...
the ingredients u need are cheap any brand u can use and u can buy them almost anywhere- before u start the enemas, ALWAYS HAVEan empty stomach and take with 30- 60 mins before something in ur stomach- like cloves fresh grounded or Wermut in capsules or Myrrhe essential oil maybe turpentine- this will stop them migrate to the stomach!
Wish u the best!

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