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Date:   1/5/2018 6:26:08 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone and sorry for my english. I have question. I'm 18 year boy n i have big problem. My body odor smell like urine. I remember i was 14 year when it started. It was first day at school. When i sit with my classmate he told me omg bro what bad smell is this ? P.S i had wash morning. I told him idk. But i smelled the whole room smell like urine.  I came back at home wash. Next day still smell. I check my kidneys my blood my UTI doctor told me u don't smell!!! But my classmates always talking about me. Once it was summer i weight 90 kg. I was on diet after 2 month i was 66 but i was still on the diet i don't bread meat and other ... . I back at school and smell was really good. Omg god really smell finally goes away ? But idk it was becouse id eating. After i started eat bread meat and other smell is back !!! I think i have tmau but idk it's my opinion. What can u tall me people about my hell ? What can i do to found paradise? I like one girl but i can't touch her becouse.. finally when i wear whool i can smell only chest area. Maybe i'm not sweating but still smell! Bad is i can't smell please help me !!! Sorry for my english


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