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Re: My fatigue is almost non existent, and my theorys by Robert14 ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   1/29/2018 3:23:08 PM ( 3 years ago ago)
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testosterone balance is also a big factor....once i focused on that i became alot better.....even without the protein shakes.......i am gonna eventually see a naturalpath by the summer i has to be worth it.....or contact evans on youtube the natural path who has been curing many many people of intestinal issues...with his g.i test.....only thing about curezone i dislike is that people GUESS what they have and go along with it.....i will not come on here tellin anybody i have candida or h pylori or step overgrowth or whatever until it has been proven....that is driving me nuts when people do this.....right now i am gonna say i may have digestive imbalances and that is all....and these specific diets have done NOTHING....i just keep Sugar to a minimum....if i eat Sugar or a cookie my body doesnt go haywire lol....there are no effects to eating a debbie wise the g.i test is under 500 bucks the hair mineral is usually right at $100 or less....$600 dollars could probably give us all alot of answers....not $6000.....i suggest u people use some way to save up on the side or use income or get those 2 tests...that is my next move

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