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Re: a better mouse trap by MH ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/31/2018 8:29:14 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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There is no doubt peanut butter makes for the best mouse biat…they live it…

With barns where you have FREE sweet grains/feeds at mouse level---the mice are never hungry and they hoard grain in their holes and I was never successful with a bucket trap baited with peanut butter……

People for about 10+ years have learned the amish way of using fly bait……they believe they can kill anything with fly bait. So I assume fly bait "today" is no longer toxic anymore than rat poison is toxic. …….so the old fashioned mice /rat traps are the only thing dependable……

MICE and rats breed non stop-------and fast and nature supplies things like snakes and birds to eat them and the number 1 food for coyotes is mice.

Mice will eat you-----if you die or for some reason can no longer move---mice will come to you and start eating you. Mice like many creatures can carry diseases that kill humans…………and like most creatures, mice can even become friendly to humans that feed them---many a old poor man living by himself long ago----kept a friendly mouse for company.

One thing that grosses me out the worst are amish people who have no refrigeration desires and they often have some cement floor in their house, usually a porch or entry way and that chunk of cement is where they store their foods and you can see mice freely eating their foods---these same types of very old order amish will also permit flies to crawl inside the mouth while they are eating foods covered in flies and I have never understood this, how they can even learn to allow this to happen---but I have seen it and the kids often have old dried animal poop between their toes……..and I can only imagine how they treat mice…………there is NOTHING WORSE than FLIES-----flies only exist to EAT YOU alive or dead, they will eat you…….


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