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congratulation with your flushing ! by White Shark ..... Seborrheic Dermatitis Forum

Date:   2/13/2018 3:34:26 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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congratulation with your flushing experience!

You can skip the fourth glass of epsom, if that is difficult to swallow.

Just keep flushing, and watch out what you eat. You may need 6 to 24 flushes before your health is fully stabilized and your Seb-Derm is a history !

Sinking feces is healthier than floating feces. It is sign of better digestion. Feces floats when there is gas trapped in it or fat trapped in it.

Foods that are not healthy to eat when you have Seb-Derm are:

- processed sugars
- processed fruit juices
- industrially processed foods
- bread and foods made from flour
- many people have problem with tolerating all grains
- some people have problem with tolerating milk products
- some tropical fruits (elimination can help pinpoint what you do not tolerate )

Diets to research are:

- Blood Type Diet ;
- Elimination-Rotation Diet ;
- paleo diet

Other procedures to research for you:

- coffee enema ;
- FMT ;

Things to strictly avoid in your life:

- vaccines (it causes seb-derm) ;
- Antibiotics (it causes seb-derm) ;
- artificial hormones (it causes seb-derm) ;
- any other medications, prescription or OTC (it causes seb-derm) ;

Keep us updated with your progres.


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