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Re: Skin, parasites, worms, demodex, face, tentacles, moxidectin by JSzone ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   3/2/2018 11:52:11 AM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Moxi effectiveness hit a wall after 5 days - and new outbreak on chin so dosed Albenzole and Ivermectin for three days which stopped the progression and helped reduce slightly.

Stopped that for a day and tried Clotrimazole 2% cream (3 day vaginal fungal cream - only way I know how to walk store and buy w/o RX).

24 hours later and saw much improvement - immediate stopping of growth, reduced redness. Immediate healing. Been 48 hrs, applied 4 times per day liberally (gently wash away any remnants of cream abd dry gently with soft paper towel - one for each area so as to not spread any infection).

Still cleaned out skin in infected area of all dead tissue (if any), and any small amount of left over (or pre-growth non skin) parasite pieces, but no bleeding from removal - all tissue softened by cream so that helps too (no cream that does not kill or eliminate a skin parasite will help your skin during treatment in my experience - You must eliminate the infecting source first, and THEN the skin naturally and immediately starts healing - same for any bleeding - generally, if something still in there, you tend to bleed after the normal time it takes your own system to cogulate - assuming no blood thinner meds in your system).

I will post new photos this evening - samples from daily cleaning-out taken just before starting this - there are clearly black/dark grey microscopic centipede looking parasites (I have decent microscope/via iphone taken photos and will post) - i often see bits of what looks like fungal spores in scrapings (cleanings). This time I got very clear almost whole samples plus what looks like the mothership tube egg casing.

Each of the longest parasites has approx (estimated)100 tiny short dew drop like opaque legs (sure they are sticky), tail is forked (or those are the front end and some form pinchers or perhaps it feels its way through tunneling) - these are coming from under the skin (hence the bleeding normally when extracting), not on top - regardless, I cannot find any example posted anywhere eles...yet. Iíll post photos of othrr specimens photographed from same samples as well. Perhaps they are all related in different stages. But see threadworms in my skin samples as well so multiple infections susprise there.


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