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Re: Flukes, intestinal and/or liver by Gregoryagogo ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   7/19/2018 9:43:18 PM ( 4 years ago ago)
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Many of the 'things' in the photos look like junk that comes out of me. I can't really tell if they are flukes or undigested or partially digested food particles, with parts of biofilm, or 'critters'. I know I have a regular problem with a bloating sensation, when I eat I feel kind of bloated and gross... I depend on my afternoon coffee enema to relieve myself of waste. I've done many things too to attack parasites, diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal, turpentine, castor oil/frozen castor oil pills, mms/mms2, Piperazine, Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, & liver flushes. Recently adjusting my diet, or trying to eat more a raw diet, with intermittent fasting, and fasting. Latest issue is pain in my lower back / spine, and hips... which goes away at times... I feel like all the junk in the intestines is resting on the hips, causing the hip pain... maybe my coffee enemas is causing the back pain... I feel it's all realted to this issue.... I wish I can go to a "clinic" and be diagnosed, and treated with EXACTLY what works for the problems I have, rather than me continue to guess and try things... don't even know if I'm giving anything enough chances... all this stuff adds up, and I'm on a limited income... I really can't tell what works or what doesn't, or if I'm making any headway with the whole "infestation". It's very frustrating. I just want to eat, and poop, and otherwise enjoy life... life is hell with this at the moment.

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