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I'm back after healing my 2nd bout of EC, and I think I may have found a cure for some people. by MikePylon ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   9/11/2018 3:41:36 AM ( 32 months ago ago)
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Hey guys, it's Mike Pylon. I was once an active member here who healed my condition 5 years ago, only to have it recur fully about 3 months ago after 5 years of remission. Over the last 5 years I had times here and there where I would notice some symptoms of the condition, usually when I was sick, I would get a little build up on those mornings, but 99.9% of the year I was completely healed. It effected my life not whatsoever.

I moved to a new place in the late Spring of this year, had stress in my life, and one day I noticed my lips color looked off. Then one day a while later I noticed that white line of slime for the first time in 5 years and I knew I was f**ked. My lips kept getting worse and worse. Not only were they getting the layer of slime, the peeling cycle that spread to both lips, and they looked shriveled, discolored, shiny and raw where the skin was peeling. Fordyce spots became extremely visible. Worst they ever looked.

I believe I picked up some sort of allergen or infection from my new environment and perhaps my immune system was weakened by stress, but the swab result this time showed only mixed bacteria (which everyone has). I tried to do the same protocol that healed me last time, which I believe was primarily the fucidin ointment, but it did not work this time.

(Link to my cure first story)

Even though no fungus showed up I got an antifungal as well and that did not work either, yet I still strongly suspected I had an infection.

Like a mad scientist, I went through all the cure stories on this forum and I tried EVERYTHING... diet, liver flush, betapanthen, prevex, vaseline, manuka honey,vaseline, aquaphor, moist healing, epson salt rinse, oil pulling, this and that cream, this supplement and that and NOTHING worked. I even bought a $500 air purifier lol. I spent an arm and a leg on a bunch of useless crap.

It just kept on getting worse and worse and I dumped just about every method almost as quickly as I tried new ones. I knew from my experience before that when healing starts to happen you notice it fast.

When I did find my cure this time it was once again fairly quick and immediate. While I was doing some research on conditions of the lip I stumbled on a study that recommended a mouthwash that did not contain benzoates , which are said to aggravate similar forms of this condition and it recommended "corsodyl daily mouthwash". I ordered it from the UK and it took a few weeks to arrive to my place.

I planned on only using it as a mouthwash to keep my mouth clean with less irritation to my lips but I had the bright idea to decide to leave a little on my lips for 20 seconds and then rinse it off (I applied to raw lips was wiping the buildup off at this point). They looked a bit smoother almost immediately after. Hrrmmm? I thought. I continued to do it throughout the day and it seemed to be doing something but I wasn't sure what. They looked somehow different. So, I just said f**k it, and before I went to bed I gargled it and then drenched my lips in it and put a layer of aquaphor over it without rinsing the mouthwash off.

I'm not sure if this is one of the dumbest things I ever did or the most genius, because the next morning I woke up with PAINFUL peeling lips. First they had these weird red bumps all over them, and for the next few days they were absolutely terrible. Redder, and more sore than ever, peeling sheets of skin, swollen. I was not applying any mouthwash after that first night... just aquaphor. I was in agony. They burned like hell. I figured I must of caused some irritant skin reaction.

Then, when I woke up a few mornings later, low and behold, my lips were looking like they were heading towards remission once more. 'Well, well, well' I thought. There must have been some kind of bacteria or fungus that I wiped out on my lips with the mouthwash. I had tried fucidin and an antifungal in the weeks previous but for whatever reason they had no positive effect at all. Maybe the strain of bacteria or fungus was resistant to these particular ointments, whereas mouthwash wipes out everything?

After that day, I reintroduced the mouthwash, and every day for 2 weeks my protocol was as follows:

Wake up in the morning,
floss my teeth and brush with biotine toothpaste,
rinse my mouth with corsodyl daily mouthwash and let it sit on my lips for about 20 seconds,
then rinse off mouthwash from lips with water and apply a layer of aquaphor, which I kept on throughout the day and reapplied when they started to dry. Be very sanitary. Never let dirty hands or food touch your lips.

Before I slept I would brush my teeth again (not floss I only did that in the mornings) and use the mouthwash again, let it sit for 20 seconds and wash off, then apply aquaphor. Go to sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.

The first 4-5 days I still had some buildup that I wiped off gently in the morning when soaked in aquaphor.

Every day my lips looked better and better doing this. The color returned to normal. The new fordyce that I got regressed and blended in again. The buildup stopped. White line long gone. They began looking healthier than ever, and after 2 weeks I stopped using the aquaphor cold turkey. To this day I still use the mouthwash twice a day and rinse it off just to make sure things stay sanitary.

My lips are 100% healed once more. I know it was the mouthwash... it was just so immediately noticeable. I do not advise anyone try doing the initial thing I did where I left the mouthwash on my lips all night, with aquaphor covering it. I believe that was substantially healing but risky, incredibly painful, scary and probably unnecessary. I would try using smaller amounts of the mouthwash at first, leaving it on for 20 seconds, and then rinsing it off, covering with aquaphor healing ointment and see if your lips continue to improve. Only try the nuclear option if you're desperate but I can't promise that won't fry your lips because it brutalized mine for a few days.

I do believe covering the lips with aphaphor after you rinse off the mouthwash is very important. Kill the microganisms, and cover with an aquaphor barrier to prevent anything else from getting back in.

This time out I did not document my progress with pics, my lips looked and felt so horrendous i barely wanted to get out bed, but knowing me and my history I strongly urge that you trust me on this one. I'm not promising this will heal everyone, but I think the people who are not healing due to microorganisms will see great progress with this method if not complete remission. One thing I mentioned I noticed about both times healing this condition is that if something is working you will see results very quickly. If you have no positive benefits after a couple of weeks tops, move on.

I think in almost all cases, since people with EC are missing a layer of skin, the condition is perpetuated by either bacteria, fungus or allergens getting in so the skin can never heal over. Maybe it senses it is under attack and keeps rebuilding protective layers. This helped my lip skin heal over again... and maybe it will help yours.

I do not plan on spending any time here fielding questions. I just hope this help some of you and I can spread some good mojo.

See you never again, hopefully.

God speed.

- Mike

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