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Re: PLEASE HELP University Student w/ Longstanding Finger Infection by #39806 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/26/2018 5:52:21 AM ( 3 years ago ago)
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I've had trapped sacs of fluid before. Not so far out along a finger, but I wanted to ask if you've done lymph-moving massage with it?

Drainage can certainly be a prob when infection messes with the infected tissues.
I've actually experienced temporary flareups when using topical EOs, be aware that the body still has to clean up after them as well!

Anyways, sometimes I use a technique of looping my fingers around another, and 'milking' gently with a downwards tug to get blood to the fingertip if I wanna do a bloodsugar test. I think doing the same to your hand in the reverse direction (to draw lymph away from the finger) and up the wrist might be helpful.

You can google 'Lymphatic Massage' for a few examples. :)

How does it react if you go on an 80% raw veg diet for two to three weeks? ('Cuz it does wonders for my own system!)

Lymph drainage is the name of the game for good results, not just the killin' phase (;) Things like EOs!) Vegetables do great for nourising the lymph, alongside supplementing omega 3 food oils and getting in extra exerise and sleep.

Are you avoiding pesticide-sprayed/GMO grain foods? Corn, soy and wheat products which have been treated with roundup (glysophate) can hit the lymph (and liver) real hard. Avoiding food made with such dehydrated products is smart.

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