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Re: Eyebright Formula ? by White Shark ..... Cataract Forum

Date:   10/7/2018 2:09:00 AM ( 31 months ago ago)
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Would you still be afraid of using herbal tincture into your eyes, if you would dissolve just one drop of herbal tincture into one tablespoon of distilled water, before dropping it into your eyes ?

Have you ever thought about the possibility that stinging in the eyes caused by herbs is actually there to help cleaning the eyes and to support healing?

Here is some possible logic: It works like pepper spray, promotes crying.

By promoting crying, it promotes cleansing of the eyes.

I have read testimonials of people using cayenne pepper tincture directly in the eyes.
It is not comfortable, it makes you cry your eyes out for 15-45 min or longer.

The effect ?

Some people were able to eliminate need for glasses !
Some cured cataract, glaucoma, and other eyesight problems.

In other words, it helped change the shape of their eyeballs to a more normal shape, allowing it to focus normally without a need for eyeglasses.

Taking into account that there are people considering eye surgery for cataracts, 30 min of burning sensation in the eyes would be nothing compared to the long lasting pain, discomfort, risks created by eye surgery and all of the potential lifelong problems with vision, not to mention the money involved.

Try to get a hold of the video series or book "Curing with Cayenne" .

Definitively worth a try for anyone considering surgery.

I never heard of anyone damaging their eyes with herbal tincture eyebright.
Anyway, something for you to research.

Also, start flushing your liver , cataracts come from inside, healthy people do not get cataracts!

Also, try to improve your intestines. Intestinal health is a big part of overall health.
Research the FMT .

Consider also juice fasting , Water Fasting , healthy Diet etc.


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